Legacy Giving

Starting to think more about the legacy you want to leave behind? Why not consider leaving us a gift in your will – it won’t cost you anything now, and will benefit generations to come!

(Note: Please make sure you involve a financial advisor or solicitor when writing and/or updating your will)

Types of Legacy Gifts

Residuary Gift

  • The entire amount OR a proportion of what is left over when all other gifts and taxes have been paid from your estate.
  • Even 1% could make a significant difference!

Pecuniary Gift

  • A specified monetary amount that is left to a named person, charity or other beneficiary.

Specific Gift

  • A specific item (e.g. jewellery, art, property) instead of a sum of money.
  • The item must be described exactly, with the name and address of the person/organisation in receipt of the gift being stated.

Already Written a Will?

If you want to update your will to include Wheels for Wellbeing, all you need to do is add a ‘codicil’. This is a separate instruction that is kept with your will.

We’d Love to Know!

Please let us know if you are thinking about leaving us a gift in your will, as this will help us plan for the future!

Our work would not be possible without people like you

For any fundraising-related inquiries, please email info@wheelsforwellbeing.org.uk or call the office on 0207 346 8482.

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