Campaigns & Policy

A voice for Disabled cyclists

A few years ago, we became increasingly frustrated by the fact that Disabled cyclists were mostly absent from the cycling debate. We decided we needed to speak up.

This began with a presentation at a cycling campaigning seminar in 2014, where some of our key ideas were first formed, and culminated in the publication of our Guide to Inclusive Cycling three years later. Our objective now, as then, remains the same – we want a world where Disabled people are able to cycle whenever and wherever they wish, whether for transport, leisure or exercise. We are very proud to have become the voice of Disabled cyclists in the UK, and will continue to push for the needs and rights of Disabled cyclists to be met.

Our campaigns span a range of issues, from improving the inclusivity of cycle infrastructure to seeking legal recognition for cycles as mobility aids. We hope that our campaigns will not only inspire Disabled cyclists to take action where their rights have been infringed, but will also help to inform policy and practice, leading to a world where cycling by Disabled people is easy and commonplace. To this end we also deliver a range of policy-oriented work ranging from training on Disability Equity and Accessible Cycle parking to undertaking access reviews and providing evidence and consultancy to a range of public, private and third sector bodies. We publish campaign and policy briefings and data from our surveys of Disabled cyclists in order to ensure policy is informed by evidence from the lived experiences of Disabled people.

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