Your donation via CAF Donate will help us bring the joy of cycling to more Disabled people! We appreciate donations of all sizes, whether as a one-off or monthly payment. Please email if you would like to donate via an alternative payment method.

Crazy about our cycling sessions?

  • £5 could pay for a month’s worth of refreshments at one of our inclusive cycling hubs
  • £10 could cover the venue hire costs for 10 participants
  • £15 could pay for a brand new and shiny cycling helmet
  • £20 could subsidise the cost of a Disabled person experiencing the joy of cycling for the very first time
  • £50 could contribute to the cost of footplates, which are used to help our participants develop their pedalling skills
  • £100 could subsidise the cost of 5 participants attending one of our cycling sessions
  • £250 could pay for a new 2-wheel bicycle
  • £500 could cover the costs of a ‘discovery day’, where we bring our cycles to a group of Disabled people who wouldn’t be able to reach us otherwise

Committed to our campaigns?

  • £5 could pay for our ‘Guide to Inclusive Cycling’ to be printed off and used by a local MP
  • £10 could enable us to promote our campaigning efforts on social media
  • £15 could allow us to create a survey that listens and responds to the views of Disabled cyclists
  • £20 could contribute to the costs of creating an online forum for Disabled cyclists to share knowledge and offer peer support
  • £50 could cover the transport and venue costs for an open meeting of Disabled cyclists to discuss infrastructure and accessibility issues
  • in their local areas
  • £100 could pay for 20 copies of our ‘Guide to Inclusive Cycling’ to be printed off and sent to key transport, planning and engineering stakeholders
  • £250 could develop the tools and resources used by our Disabled Cyclist Volunteer Campaigners to lobby with confidence
  • £500 could pay for us to host and deliver training to our Disabled Cyclist Volunteer Campaigners

Our work would not be possible without people like you

For any fundraising-related inquiries, please email or call the office on 0207 346 8482.

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