From Saturday 17th July until Sunday 1st August 2021, Cycling UK is celebrating its annual ‘Women’s Festival of Cycling’. We at Wheels for Wellbeing have decided to join in with the fun, showcasing some of our wonderful women cycling on 2, 3, and even 4 wheels!


“I’ve definitely noticed more people going out on bikes in the last year due to COVID and the lockdowns, to get their daily exercise, and I hope that continues. It’s amazing to be able to cycle and it’s great exercise for the whole body, and everyone should have the chance to cycle and enjoy it. If anyone is wondering about whether to start cycling, I always encourage them to have a go.

“It’s such a wonderful feeling, to be on a bike! I get so much enjoyment from it; it fulfills all of my needs, it means I can go and visit more places; it makes me happier, more energetic, and more joyful!”

Read Fatima’s full cycling story here.


“Lyndsay, who has cerebral palsy and now uses her wheelchair full-time, has hired a handcycle to use during the lockdown. As she can no longer use a 2-wheel bicycle, Lyndsay says that it has been a real pleasure to have the choice of cycling again.

“She lives in the countryside and has really enjoyed being back on the road, especially when the sun’s out. Lyndsay also claims to have exercised more during lockdown than she has ever since taking part in the London 2012 Paralympic Games opening and closing ceremonies!

“After cycling, Lyndsay’s arms feel that they’ve had a very good workout, and she has been able to benefit from the fresh air with her 5-year-old son George and husband, who cycle on their bikes alongside her.”

Read Lyndsay’s full cycling story here.


“Natalie has been cycling around Shirley, where we live. Luckily, the pavements are wide and pretty deserted at present, so we are confident no-one will mind her using them until things return to normal. Natalie has always enjoyed the sessions at Croydon Arena, and being able to borrow the tricycle has meant that she can still have fun and keep fit outside the house during lockdown.”

Read Natalie’s full cycling story here.


“Zuayana’s mother Farida brings her to the cycling sessions so that she can enjoy the health and wellbeing benefits of cycling. This is both physically in terms of improved circulation, and emotionally through the various socialising opportunities. Ultimately, the sessions allow Zuayana, who has autism and epilepsy, to maintain a connection to the outside world whilst simply being herself in a safe space.”

Read Zuayana & Farida’s full cycling story here.


“…Odette rediscovered cycling when she attended an inclusive cycling session run by Wheels for Wellbeing, at Herne Hill Velodrome, in 2016. The session provided her with an opportunity to use a tandem for the first time and, following a spell of coaching with her husband at Merton Sports and Social Club, Odette was fully back cycling again.

From this Odette was confident enough to go on her first tandem ride and, only a year later in 2017, took part in the Prudential RideLondon for the first time. Today she owns her own folding tandem, which she obtained courtesy of a ‘try before you buy’ scheme through Peddle My Wheels.”

Read Odette’s full cycling story here.

Wheels for Wellbeing wishes everyone a fantastic, fun-filled ‘Women’s Festival of Cycling’!

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