Zuayana & Farida

Zuayana has been coming to Wheels for Wellbeing’s inclusive cycling sessions at Herne Hill Velodrome with her family for 1.5 years now, having previously attended with her college group.

Zuayana’s mother Farida brings her to the cycling sessions so that she can enjoy the health and wellbeing benefits of cycling. This is both physically in terms of improved circulation, and emotionally through the various socialising opportunities. Ultimately, the sessions allow Zuayana, who has autism and epilepsy, to maintain a connection to the outside world whilst simply being herself in a safe space.

If they come to sessions early enough, Zuayana can see her former teachers and friends from college! Zuayana and Farida particularly enjoy coming to sessions during the summer holidays, as they are joined by her 2 younger brothers and invite their cousins to come along too.

Farida praises the sessions for having such a wide variety of cycles on offer. They like to use side-by-sides (pictured), with Zuayana’s favourite being the wheelchair tandem!

If the cycling sessions at Herne Hill Velodrome didn’t exist, Farida says that the only other options would be to visit the farm or park. Whilst Zuayana enjoys swimming, she isn’t able to do it currently as her epilepsy would require the assistance of 2 people. Also, Brixton Recreation Centre has stairs, making it inaccessible on the days that Zuayana is using a wheelchair.

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