Another day, another side-by-side (and wheelchair tandem)…

With the help of a £20,000 grant from the London Marathon Charitable Trust, we’ve been able to buy 2 new side-by-sides and wheelchair tandems from Get Cycling. They were bought in response to the ever-growing number of people attending our cycling sessions at Herne Hill Velodrome and Ladywell Day Centre (the first of which have recently restarted, but the second sadly remain postponed for now – click here to book a Monday session at the Velodrome).

As we didn’t have access to our on-site storage containers at the start of lockdown, which is when the cycles were ordered, Get Cycling generously offered to store them at their warehouse. They’ve now been delivered to us, which means that Wheels for Wellbeing is the proud owner of 4 shiny new cycles for our participants to enjoy!

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