Beyond the Bicycle Coalition – 2018 local election manifesto

The Beyond the Bicycle Coalition is an initiative set up in 2017. We are a group representing users of non-standard cycles (e.g. handcycles, e-cycles, cargobikes) with the aim of facilitating discussion and developing ideas that will lead to improved infrastructure, facilities and recognition, along with reduced user costs, for users of non-standard cycles in London – including, but not limited to, disabled, cargo, freight and family cyclists..


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  • Matthew Henderson 17/05/2018 10:52 am

    Wow! I found your site from a newsletter through London Green Cycles and I’m really pleased someone is campaigning for this. We’ve got a tandem and a cargo trike (a cargo trike tandem is the dream 🙂 ), and where we live just outside Newcastle upon Tyne it’s a bit of a nightmare – lots of rethinking routes because of poor urban design.

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