Iyiola wanted to join Into Sport Lambeth’s weekly walks, but was concerned about the distance on his crutches or in his wheelchair. So a member of Into Sport’s team worked with Wheels for Wellbeing, a neighbouring charity, to purchase a handcycle to be kept at their facilities in Brixton, south London…

Why did you want to try a handcycle?
I have always wanted to handcycle since I was a kid and having that opportunity fulfilled my childhood dream! I also try it out to see if it’s a form of transportation that I may invest in in the near future.

How did you feel handcycling?
I felt really good, almost like floating in the air!

How does it compare to walking or using a wheelchair?
In my experience, all three are useful to enable me to live independently – crutches for short distances, wheelchair for indoor stuff (or sometimes outdoors) and cycling for long distances and exercise.

Would you like to do more handcycling? If so, where and what for?
Although I would love to cycle more, changes in my condition are affecting my stamina, but certainly a few hours weekly in a park is what I hope I will continue to do. I will explore information given to me by Abs at Into Sport regarding a similar scheme close to where I live, and when I have some spare cash I may invest in my own cycle to take me out to shops and even to visit family and friends.

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