Ground Rules

Ground rules for everyone

  • Use your brakes to stop (not your feet, not a fence)
  • Look to see if anyone is coming before starting to ride
  • One way cycling along the designated circuit only

If we find that ground rules are not observed to our satisfaction, we reserve the right to ask participants / carers to leave the track for the session.


On occasions, our instructors may insist on a helmet being worn. Otherwise, the use of a helmet is discretionary.

A helmet should:

  • Fit snugly and comfortably around the head
  • Sit low on the forehead, so the brim is a finger’s width above the eyebrows
  • Leave room for 2 fingers between the strap and the neck

If you are unsure check with one of our cycle instructors.

After cycling:

  • Leave cycles safe and ready for the next participant to use
  • Inform a Wheels for Wellbeing instructor if there is a fault with the cycle

Guidelines for carers and support workers

Wheels for wellbeing relies on the cooperation of carers and support workers to make cycling fun and safe for everyone. We actively encourage you to cycle with your participants.

You will be expected to:

  1. Ensure that there are enough of your o support the participants you bring
  2. Alert our staff to any challenging behaviour that may put them and others at risk, as soon as you arrive
  3. Supervise and remain responsible for you participant/s during your visit
  4. Assist participant/ in their preparation for outdoor or indoor physical activity, (depending on venue), ensuring clothing will not catch on chains or wheels
  5. Please bring suncream / hats in summer and hats / gloves / coats in winter
  6. Do not take photographs without prior consent from the Session Manager
  7. Ensure that your participants observe the ground rules above

Many thanks and happy cycling!

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