CMB Spring Summer Campaign “The Best Tool for the Job”

Back in January of this year, we announced our support for the Cycling Marketing Board (CMB), created by Fusion Media. Its formation followed on from the high profile #BikeIsBest campaign last year, aimed at promoting cycling as a natural alternative to public transport for many during the pandemic – and today marks the launch of the Board’s second campaign!

The Cycling Marketing Board has united leading cycle brands, distributors, retailers and organisations into one powerful voice, with a single mission – to get more people riding bikes, more often.

The Spring/ Summer 2021 campaign, “The Best Tool for the Job” will illustrate that we often use the equivalent of a sledgehammer to crack a nut, or a flamethrower to toast some bread – when we use cars for very short journeys. Leading with the attention-grabbing statistic “For journeys of 1-2 miles, 60% are driven” – to highlight just how many short journeys could be switched to bike. The campaign objective is to get people to rethink their habitual use of the car.

To understand how the target audience responded to the campaign concept and ideas, The Cycling Marketing Board engaged qualitative research expert Terry Watkins of TWResearch to analyse the importance of positive imagery for cycling and test concepts for “The Best Tool for the Job”. Five online focus groups were held in London, Manchester, Birmingham and Norwich. The key findings were:

Environmental impact: People were genuinely horrified to learn that cars are used for 60% of short journeys in England.  There was the realisation that bikes can be part of the solution and provide a welcome feel-good factor for doing ‘your bit’ for the environment.

Bikes are ALSO for domestic tasks, not just for leisure: For many cycling is associated with off-road and safe-situation family leisure riding. Bikes need to be more frequently seen and associated with short on-road utility journeys.

– Cycling must appear safe, easy & uncomplicated for the new adopter: Urban cycling is getting safer however anxiety about busy traffic is still a barrier. Enthusiastic cycle tribes can make a short bike ride look like a specialist mission.

– Lockdown has prompted the re-discovery of cycling: Changes in workstyles and a location flexible working-weeks will challenge the inertia & routines of commuter behaviour. The growth of urban village lifestyles will change the frequency & increase opportunity for local utility trips

Campaign Consultant Bruce Sandell, said We are delighted to launch our Spring Summer 2021 campaign, Terry Watkin’s Research has given us great insight into a wide variety of consumers, their opinions on cycling and what would make them change their habits. This will inform our creative and strategy for the remainder of 2021 and beyond. We continue to welcome more brands to join the campaign, get involved, support the campaign and to get more people riding bikes, more often’


The Cycling Marketing Board/ #BikeIsBest: Launched by Adam Tranter, Fusion Media CEO and Bicycle Mayor for Coventry. The Cycling Marketing Board comprehensively brings together the cycling industry with major cycling advocacy organisations and local authorities into one powerful voice, with a single mission – to get more people riding bikes more often.

TWResearch: Terry Watkins is a marketing strategist and audience research consultant. His agency, TWResearch, has worked with BBC, C4, Nike, Football Association, leisure brands and charities. Media, culture and leisure a frequent priority (including projects for Rouleur and Cyclist).


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