Get Involved

Get involved in our campaigns

Are you a disabled cyclist? Want to support our campaigns and help raise awareness of inclusive cycling? Then why not take an action – as little or as big as you like – in one of the following ways:

I don’t have much time to spare:

  • Read our latest campaigns news.
  • Learn more about our current campaigns.
  • Follow the inclusive cycling conversation on Twitter and join our favourite hashtags #BeyondTheBicycle and #CyclingsEasierThanWalking

I have a little time to spare:

  • Subscribe to our monthly campaigns e-newsletter and receive updates on our latest campaigns, events and government consultations.
  • Share your experiences as a disabled cyclist and write us a story/article (300-400 words), along with a photo of you and your cycle. Send it to with ‘My Story’ as the subject line.

I have some time to spare:

If you would like to learn more about supporting Wheels for Wellbeing then fill in the form below, call on 020 7346 8482 or drop us an email