Why Representation Matters!

Have you seen the latest #BikeIsBest video, or any of the new poster ads?

A woman smiles while riding her handcycle, the wind blowing her hair shows she's in motion.

The latest #BikeIsBest campaign was launched last week, with the message that “When more people cycle, everyone wins” – it doesn’t matter if you can’t cycle for every (or any) journey: if many more people cycle more of their journeys (especially short journeys), the result is less traffic, less congestion, less air pollution, less noise, and our streets are safer and healthier for everyone. It’s an important message, which we wholeheartedly support.

The #BikeIsBest campaign has been carefully planned and the cyclists featured in its videos are representative of many different parts of British society (a variety of ages, ethnic backgrounds, genders and a visibly Disabled person). This will help this national campaign’s messages chime with many who, until now, had thought that cycling wasn’t for them, nor for people like them.

What’s also very important is that #BikeIsBest features more than just ‘bicycles’ in its adverts. This latest video shows a delivery being made by cargo-cycle, and a woman going by on her handcycle (played by our very own Director). Wheels for Wellbeing is a partner in the campaign and Isabelle had previously appeared in inaugural campaign video and last year’s ‘Best tool for the job’ campaign clip included a man on a recumbent handcycle, out on a forest ride.

Isabelle said: “Spending a day on a professional film studio was great fun! But more than that, I’m proud of being part of ensuring that #BikeIsBest is a fully inclusive campaign. At Wheels for Wellbeing we know how crucial it is that Disabled people are literally seen to be part of the cycling picture. It is necessary so we start moving away from the (wrong) perception that cycling can only be done if you’re super fit can ride a two-wheeled bicycle. Like language, imagery has a powerful role in shaping society’s attitudes and it’s a privilege to be able to have a small role in this.” 

Check out the video if you haven’t already seen it, and like, share, or retweet it! [Link to video]

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