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Wheels for Wellbeing surveyed almost 300 people based in London about travel mobility.

We asked them how often they travel, how much does it cost and what kind of mobility services do they use and more.

The answers that we’ve got give a picture of how disabled and older people travel in London. It may be to get to the cycling sessions or to go out and about.

We created a travel mobility questionnaire because it had come to our attention that people were finding it difficult to get to the Wheels for Wellbeing cycling session at the Herne Hill Velodrome. It’s due to limited access by public transport. We wanted to gather more information on the challenges individuals face when travelling in and around London. This questionnaire was made available online and in paper copies. It was also distributed to groups/clubs attended by people likely to have limited mobility. Between December 2014 and January 2016 we received 272 completed questionnaires.

When discussing the barriers faced whilst travelling, one grievance that crops up again and again is about a lack of awareness about invisible disabilities. It relates both to the transport companies and to the general public. There is perhaps a call for greater understanding and compliance where these are concerned.

Read more about travel mobility in London by downloading Travel Mobility Survey report:

Travel mobility questionnaire survey, report summary
Travel mobility survey report

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