Wheels for Wellbeing is running its annual survey of Disabled cyclists to find out about the latest needs and experiences of Disabled people who cycle. The data we collect will be used to inform our ongoing policy and campaigning work, and will help to strengthen the voice of Disabled cyclists in the UK.

You can take part as a Disabled cyclist, or on behalf of a Disabled cyclist (e.g. if you are a parent/guardian/carer of a Disabled person). If you are blind or visually impaired and cannot take the survey online, please call us on 020 7346 8482 and we would be happy to assist over the phone.

Please fill out our survey here. Thank you for taking part!

Wheels for Wellbeing works tirelessly to overcome barriers to cycling for Disabled people, from the delivery of campaigns to the provision of local inclusive cycling sessions. As a small charity, our work would not be possible without the support of wonderful people like you.

Please consider donating to us at http://bit.ly/WheelsforWellbeingDonate. Alternatively, for any fundraising-related queries please contact liz@wheelsforwellbeing.org.uk

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  • Lilian Rundblad 15/11/2019 10:07 am

    I guess my mobility scooter will not fit in. I am campaigning for mobility scooters to be in the cycle lane

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