Our Director presented our work and that of the Beyond The Bicycle Coalition earlier this month at the All Party Parliamentary Group on Cycling and Walking’s Cycling Showcase. The event was attended by MPs, government officials and walking and cycling organisations representatives; many of whom were also exhibiting.

The Beyond the Bicycle Coalition was co-founded in 2017 by Isabelle and Ruth-Anna McQueen, a keen advocate for family cycling. It is a group representing users of non-standard cycles (e.g. handcycles, e-cycles, cargobikes) with the aim of facilitating discussion and developing ideas that will lead to improved infrastructure, facilities and recognition, along with reduced user costs, for users of non-standard cycles in London – including, but not limited to, disabled, cargo, freight and family cyclists.

The event was a chance to promote our “My Cycle My Mobility Aid” campaign, which highlights the injustice of cycles not being recognised as mobility aids (unlike wheelchairs or mobility scooters). This creates a barrier to cycling many Disabled people as they are expected to walk their bike/trike/handbike whenever they use stretches of pedestrianised environment as part of their journey. Many people can cycle but physically can’t dismount and push their cycle. The injustice is clear as they wouldn’t be asked to push a wheelchair or a mobility scooter if these were their mobility aid.

We developed this campaign because so few people understand that cycling is a lot easier than walking for many Disabled people. If you use your cycle as a mobility aid, please send us your story so we can feature you as part of our campaign.

Isabelle spoke with, amongst others, the Minister for Walking and Cycling, Chris Eaton-Harris MP; the co-Chair of the APPGCW, Ruth Cadbury MP and Marsha DeCordova MP (pictured below).

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