Graham’s Story, – an update

We recently got some lovely news from Graham, who was diagnosed with cancer in his hip a year ago. The cancer initially left Graham with limited mobility, and he was taken to his first chemotherapy appointment in a Van Raam Opair wheelchair cycle. Since then his mobility had improved sufficiently to go on a cycling holiday – with Graham cycling the Van Raam!

A man sits all wrapped up at the front of a Velo wheelchair cycle. you can only really see the wheelchair section in this image, with it's front casters off the floor and just the handlebars of the cycle section poking out behind the man.

Graham explained: “I started three weekly chemotherapy towards the end of February. Jess [Graham’s partner] took me for my first chemotherapy in the mobility cycle [originally used by Graham’s mother-in-law, Kay]. Three weeks later I went by car taking the walker in the car for use at the hospital. By the third visit I was able to just use the stick to help in the chemotherapy unit. In addition to the immunotherapy and chemotherapy I have a further infusion to strengthen and rebuild damaged bone in the hip.”

“The combination of these treatments meant that I was confident to take Kay for occasional local cycle rides in her mobility cycle in early June and I was able to do my first obstacle course race for 8 months in early July.

(I am the second one from the camera at the start).”

Side view of two people riding together in a Velo wheelchair cycle. They are arriving at Ruislip Station and have a suitcase attached to the back of the cycle where panniers would be.

“Also in July we had a family cycling holiday in Norfolk. Jess cycled Kay and I cycled my new tricycle.”

“The improvement in my mobility continued such that for our September family cycling holiday in Somerset we travelled by train to Bradford-upon-Avon with me cycling Kay and our luggage in her power assisted cycle with Jess following on her bicycle.”

“My chemotherapy treatment is likely to continue until February 2023 (2 years from the start). I am determined to keep as active as possible.”

A man wrapped up warm in woolly hat and gloves waives happily sitting upon a tricycle. The trike is blue and silver and is stationary on a residential street.

“Whilst everyone’s cancer is different I hope my experience will help anyone with a recent diagnosis to feel that it is not necessarily the “end of the world”. In many cases, even if not completely cured, modern treatments can sometimes mean that given time and determination life can return to near normal.”

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