With the support of Cycling Grants London, Wheels for Wellbeing’s sessions for people with dementia were lots of fun and gave our participants a chance to get out and about.

Between May and August Wheels for Wellbeing organised four cycling sessions for the clients of Ladywell Day Centre who have dementia. We run regular sessions at Ladywell but these new sessions were organised specifically for the group with dementia to give them a chance to ride in a smaller, quieter group and get even more focus from the instructors.

They were all very successful and all participants, their carers and the instructors enjoyed this experience. There was some opportunity to cycle outside in the sunshine and there was lots of pointing, smiling and laughing. The sessions were a great form of exercise for all involved.

People enjoyed chatting as they cycled around and they enjoyed being surrounded by nature.

What people said about the sessions:

“I’ve never heard so much laughter coming from that place”

Local resident (she was outside her house and came to speak to us).

“It’s all about jogging memory and making connections”

Staff member, Dementia Unit

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