Wheels for Wellbeing is delighted to announce a new partnership with carinsurance4cyclists.com, a company that focuses on providing cheaper car insurance for people who cycle.

Research by carinsurance4cyclists.com shows that being a regular cyclist improves your driving ability, which in turn halves the risk of you making an insurance claim compared to other drivers. It is the only insurance company to offer deals to regular cyclists that reflect these findings.

Wheels for Wellbeing is joining carinsurance4cyclists.com’s affiliate programme: every time anyone purchases a new policy or renews their policy with carinsurance4cyclists.com via the steps below, Wheels for Wellbeing receives a donation of £15!

To make the most of the offer, visit carinsurance4cyclists.com’s website (by clicking the logo below). You’ll then be asked the question “Where did you hear about us?”, to which you respond by selecting “Wheels for Wellbeing”.

(It goes without saying that you should only purchase a policy with carinsurance4cyclists.com if it is the best deal for you – if it is, then you win and we win!)

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