The amazing wheeled adventures of Aurelie and Marco

Earlier this year, Aurelie and Marco contacted us from Spain, where they live. They were about to set off on an amazing cycling challenge and wanted to fundraise for a cycling charity during their trip (how brilliant is that!?). Aurelie and Marco emailed this week with an update and some photos, just for us!! What a pair!!

We have been using the bicycle either for fun or for practical reasons all our lives. ‘I cannot imagine not using it whenever I want’ says Aurelie. Having started in Helsinki just over two months ago, we are currently somewhere in the Balkans on our way to Singapore where we hope to arrive next summer. We believe that everyone should have access to better mobility no matter what and this is what brought us to do a long distance trip; 12000 miles to raise funds for Wheels for Wellbeing. ‘Our hope is to help not only economically but also by improving the awareness of the great work done by the staff at WfW’.

You can follow their progress and help with their fundraising (which will boost their morale as they go!) by following them through social media: @421adventure on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram and you can read their blog.

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