What difference does using your cycle as a mobility aid make to your life?

Using my electric recumbent allows me to exercise and get fresh air. This means I am able to free up my stiff painful joints and, in doing so, this helps with my mental wellbeing. I cannot walk any distance without severe pain and fatigue.


What challenges, if any, have you encountered when using your cycle as a mobility aid?

Drivers! They threaten, bully and generally try to intimidate me for no reason at all. Drivers use the local cycle paths, and even the local council vehicles drive and park on them; blocking them for no reason but their convenience. The first mile of my ride is far more dangerous than the road and it’s on a cycle path. The drivers threaten and abuse me when I comment on their dangerous and illegal acts.

If there was one thing that could change to help you to use your cycle as a mobility aid, what would it be?

People respecting the law and our right to ride.

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