What Will You Ask on Local Bike Shop Day?

This year’s Local Bike Shop Day takes place on Saturday 30th April 2022.

Local Bike Shop Day celebrates local independent bike shops and highlights how important they are for local communities and highstreets. As many Disabled cyclists and wheelchair-users will know, a good local bike shop can be like a fourth emergency service that gets us back on our wheels again following punctures, collapsed bearings and all kinds of immobilising incidents.

Image shows a campaign poster for local bike shop day which depicts a white man cycling a hand propelled recumbent trike with the caption: ask if your local bike shop is accessible for disabled cyclists and including the wheels for wellbeing and local bike shop day logos.

The theme of this years Local Bike Shop Day is Ask your local bike shop anything! So WfW have pitched in to encourage people to ask “Is your local bike shop accessible for Disabled cyclists?” We hope that by taking part in this campaign we will encourage more local bike shops to be aware of Disabled cyclists, non-standard cycles and the range of bike and cycle adaptations. We want many more local bike shops to be accessible to Disabled cyclists and confident that they can service and maintain their cycles.

A significant barrier to cycling for Disabled people is  difficulty in getting parts, service and maintenance for non-standard cycles, especially at affordable prices. Likewise, lack of accessibility in bike shops can be another barrier for many. Local bike shops have a huge role to play and could enable many more Disabled people to cycle with confidence.

Bike shops that are participating in the Local Bike Shop Day campaign will have flyers and posters to let you know that they are taking part, and that all cyclists, from the super-sporty to the novice, are welcome to drop in and ask anything.

If you have a local bike shop that offers a great service to Disabled cyclists you can vote for them here https://localbikeshopday.co.uk/find-a-shop/ and be in with a chance of winning £200 worth of vouchers.

Image shows red and white text logo for local bike shop day. The O in local is a cog and pedals. The website at the bottom of the logo is: localbikeshopday.co.uk

You can also follow the campaign on social media using #SupportYourLocalBikeShop or @LBSDayUK, and encourage your Local Bike Shop to take part. If you have a particular story that you want to share about your local bike shop you can send your contribution to the news feed https://localbikeshopday.co.uk/news/.

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