Types of cycles


Wheels for Wellbeing has a fleet of more than 200 inclusive cycles, including two, three and four wheelers, hand cycles and wheelchair cycles. Whether you’re using two legs, one leg or none, or want to get around with a parent, friend or carer – we have a wide range of inclusive cycles for you to try out.

Tricycle / Trike


Great for balance and if you are returning to cycling. Sizes to suit all ages.

Tandem Bikes & Trikes

Sighted and non-sighted or stronger and weaker riders can cycle and balance a side-by-side or a tandem together.

Side-by-Side Cycle


Great for back support, reducing pressure on knees and hips, and sharing steering and pedaling. We have a wide range of side-by-sides (hand pedaled, as well as feet pedalled or no pedalling at all!) which are excellent for those recovering from injuries or those who just need to enjoy the ride.

Your partner does all or the stronger pedaling, allowing you to gently move your limbs and keep them active.


We have various hand cycles in different sizes and positions. Who needs legs to cycle?

Try a recumbent arm-powered trike (lower and more stretched out) if your legs need to stay straight.


Great fun and no worries about balance.



Comfy for the back, less pressure on knees and hip joints, and no worries about balance. All ages and sizes.

Velo Plus Wheelchair Bike


You can remain seated in your wheelchair while experiencing the feeling of speed and the wind in your hair!